Jun 2012 Newsletter

June 14, 2012 Meeting Minutes

2 guests and 28 members were present.

Treasurer’s report: $1863.28 balance.

Library report: Nothing new this month, but Terry is looking for suggestions of a video that shows proper use of carbide tip tools.

Old business

  • Hematite demo is July 4 1-5pm.
  • Craig will still look into the resources for the Jefferson County Art guild as a carryover from the May meeting.
  • Tim is going to work on creating the list of equipment and serial numbers.
  • Craig built a rolling stand for the new lathe.
  • Need to follow up on the Twin City Days selling bowls.

New Business

  • It’s becoming hard to find the small birds for birdhouses, so grab them if you see them.
  • 29 memberships paid up for 2012.  15 people who were members last year have not renewed.  We have 7 new members this year.
  • Nametags are available for new people.
  • End Grain sealer is available for purchase.
  • Mike Short knows a guy with 500 board feet of walnut.  See him if you’re interested in going in on it.
  • Roger brought in applications for the wood carver’s art show, Nov 3-4.  if anyone is interested in having a booth there.
  • Guest turners: Discussion on whether or not it’s something for the club to pursue.
  • It was suggested that we may want to have a more structured format for turning day.
  • Carrie will look into estimating the AV equipment that would be required for showing demos.
  • Carrie has 3 turned pieces in the Emerging Artist show at the craft alliance, opening June 22.

President’s Challenges:

Next month’s challenge is an off-center stem turning.


Next month’s demonstration will be “Back to Basics – Bowl Turning” by Mike Hermann.

Show and Tell

13 members brought items show and tell.

{igallery id=”8358″ cid=”68″ pid=”2″ type=”classic” children=”1″ showmenu=”1″ tags=”” limit=”0″}

  • Keith – segmented bowl of maple and walnut
  • Arnie – pen
  • Carrie – honey mesquite disc for jewelry making
  • Bruce – Small box elder bowl
  • Greg – Large bird house in birch and maple
  • Mike Hermann – small cedar hollow form, cherry bowl
  • Gary – “Full Moon Flight” wall hanging collaborative effort of box elder, hickory, and carved geese of various woods.
  • Terry – Large Cherry platter/shallow bowl, Box Elder bowl, Hard Maple urn shape
  • Pat – Finial on a stand, failed finial efforts, cattail yard ornament with turned walnut cat tails and aluminium leaves, painted green.
  • Glen – Large cottonwood bowl, end box elder bowl with great flame, wormholes, and a crack filled with walnut bark.
  • Rachel – a bunch of pens and an engraver’s handle
  • Tim – walnut bowl, set of four aspen bowls
  • Craig – pen turned by his granddaughter, very tall catalpa vase

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

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President’s Challenge

15 Members participated in this month’s President’s Challenge of a finial.

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Gary was the winner.

  • Mike Hermann, lidded box with a finial
  • Tim, purple dyed finial
  • Craig, sea urchin christmas ornament
  • Greg, colored finial and a smaller finial
  • Carrie, ebony finial
  • Pat, walnut
  • Kenneth, osage orange
  • Keith, segmented cherry bowl with bloodwood finial
  • Joyce, bradford pear and walnut finial
  • Joyce again, natural branch box of bradford pear with maple finial
  • Roger, box elder
  • Glen, brazilian rose wood finial, with a stump burl base
  • Mike Short, red heart finial
  • Gary with an african blackwood finial on a segmented form made by another turner, Jim.
  • Joe Witener, walnut


Mike Hermann demonstrated turning a wacky off-center stem.