November 2012 Newsletter

Nov 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes

29 members and 3 guests were present.

Treasurer’s report: $1714.28 balance.  This month we had expenses for turning day, the woodcarver’s show, and some sundries.

Library report: Terry has ordered a DVD by Eli Avisera on Rude Oslonik’s candlestick design.  He reminds us to please bring back DVDs if you’ve had them checked out a long time.

Old business

  • Turning Day
    • 28 people attended.  There was great weather and we had 4 lathes going.  Demonstrations included sharpening, CA finishing, buffing, Bowl turning
    • Motion to pay Paul $50 for each turning day as reimbursement for use of his barn.  It passed.
  • Community Demonstrations
    • Hillsboro Fall Festival: Gary, Bruce, and Jim were there all day demonstrating turning (270 kids).  Tim read a thank you letter from the festival coordinators.
    • Windsor School Demonstration:  Gary and Jim demonstrated to a smaller group of students.
    • Need more top blanks–we do have dowels.  Glenn P will look into sources.
  • Wood Carver’s show
    • Overall attendance to the show was down, but a lot of people stopped by the booth.  A few folks expressed interest in coming to meetings and/or turning days.
    • Craig and Roger both sold items and did pretty well.
  • Library Displays
    • Moved from High Ridge to Windsor.  Will be moving to Festus at the end of November.
  • Birdhouses
    • Still need about 60 more to get our total to 200.  The distribution at MerryMount will be Friday, December 21st at 2:00p, but we’ll set up at 1:00p.
  • Pens for Troops
    • All the pen kits have been distributed, and the pens should be brought to the December meeting so Craig can send them off.
  • Carrie has found a free resource online to set up a distribution list so we can keep our email list up to date.


  • Elections – Everyone is running opposed, and the club voted to accept the ballot as it stands.
    • President – Craig
    • Vice President – Tim
    • Treasurer –  Pat
    • Secretary – Brent
    • Librarian – Terry
  • December meeting does not have a demonstration but will have a party.  The club will provided drinks and cookies, but you can bring a dessert to share.
  • Gift Exchange:  Bring a wrapped gift (do not put your name on it) and we’ll do an exchange.
  • Brent is looking for help with engraving or burning initials.
  • Kat has some items she’s looking to sell – Calipers, tool rest adapter and some pen bushings.

President’s Challenge:

No Challenge in December.  January’s challenge is a segmented item.


No Demo in December.

Show and Tell

7 members brought items show and tell.

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  • Gib: Carbide tip tool that he made of key stock and ash, pens for troops
  • Glen: Sabicu Platter with copper flower and lily pads, finished with General wipe on and buffed.
  • Jim: Curly Maple pedestal bowl/platter, finished with WOP and buffed.
  • Terry: Cherry cross pendants, tops, small box elder bowl finished with WOP and buffed.
  • Carrie:  A square bowl that she got in a trade
  • Keith: Scrap wood bowls
  • Tim: Pens for troops, birdhouses, and a bowl he got in a trade.

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

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President’s Challenge

6 Members participated in this month’s President’s Challenge of a birdhouse.

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Carrie and Roger tied for winner.

Instant Gallery of President’s Challenge Items

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Mike taught a class on how to start doing segmented work.

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