April 2014 Newsletter

March 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

3 guests, 30 members

Treasurer’s report: Collecting Dues

Librarian’s report: Nothing New

Old business

  • Turning Day at the band building – 15-20 people attended, went from 9:30-2:30

  • Turning demo at Hillsboro School in May, not sure what day, Gary knows the details but wasn’t present at the meeting

  • Turning day at Paul’s Farm – May 3rd 2 club lathes, Keith’s lathe and Craig will bring his lathe Food and drink like prior times; club will provide drinks, food provided but will ask for donations Want to see sharpening; Dan Coleman will bring his new set-up, Keith will bring his setup Want to be shown tools Want to be taught how to look at a log and see which way to cut it for the best figure

  • Need volunteers for Expo at Flo Valley with Paul on 4/25

  • Provide donated items for Jeff Co auction

New business

  • Dennis Kehm asked for donations for Jefferson College Foundation silent auction
  • Received a grant from the AAW in the amount of $1,500 for audio/visual equipment, Craig getting equipment
  • Website – bylaws need to be updated to include new meeting location. Pat made a motion to make the change, motion passed, Pat will also follow up with filing the changes with the state also
  • Trailer of Osage orange offered by Chester

Show and Tell

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  • Paul – Vase, plate and homemade faceplate/center
  • Jerry Goodson – Bowl that Carrie helped with on turning day and coffee scoops
  • Craig – Osage orange hollow vessel and a painted platter by air brush
  • Roger- long, thin stemmed goblet and a large egg from a tree that died in his backyard
  • Gib – olive wood pen and a box elder pen
  • Mike – brass pry bar and a small mallet
  • Mark Carpenter – curved segmented vase
  • Terry- natural edge mulberry bowl, box elder bowl and a silver maple bowl
  • Keith- Mike’s 3 segmented bowls and a celtic knot in blood wood on curly maple rolling pin
  • Carrie – 3 cornered bowl

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

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President’s Challenge

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The challenge this month was a platter.  There were 6 entries and Terry won with a river piece of box elder

Instant Gallery of President’s Challenge Items

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Carrie demonstrated turning a 3 cornered bowl