February 2016 Newsletter

February 11, 2016

37 members attending

5 guests

Treasurer’s Report $1,263.02

Library Report: 90 —95 DVD’S as well as many GOOD books and magazines can be checked out each month and returned the next month. Terry gave a report on sanding and the importance of good sanding.


Dues are due as soon as possible
55 gal. Drum of end sealer went fast — is there interest in ordering another drum? No discussion

Birdhouse distribution at Bash Nursing Home went very well > All residents enjoyed (need more ed birds) 5–8 club members showed up to help. Thanks to all


Wood turners show Feb 12, 13, 14, 2016 Collinsville Ill. several have signed up to help. Pen and tops will be demonstrated.
Volunteers are needed for monthly club demos. Please Help!!!!!!!
Turning Day Feb 27, 2016, 9:30—3:00pm at the band building — If you have interest in something to learn let Keith know.
A few lathes will be set up and you can watch as well as get some time with another club member on a Lathe.
Crystal City School — shop class has ask if anyone from the club would be interested in demonstrating in the shop class. More information to follow.

Several attendance drawings of wood left the meeting in hopes of a show and tell project coming back next month.

President’s challenge was a scoop this month, 12 scoops—- GOOD showing Thanks to all
Next month challenge will be a rolling pen.

Evening demonstration was by Keith —- A French Rolling Pen. Great Job Thanks Keith.