October 2014 Newsletter

Thursday October 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes

30 members and 4 guests in attendance

Treasurer’s report: $2267

Librarian’s report: Nothing New

Old business

  • Dennis from Jefferson College Foundation made a report contributing to Jazz and Jeans event silent auction.  Turner submitted items raised more than $900.

  • Last remaining pens for troops kits left

  • Hillsboro elementary school wants a demo on Oct 30

  • Birdhouse signup and Woodcarver show signup went around

  • Library display moved to Windsor, takedown is Nov 1, moving to Festus

  • Turning day at Paul’s is October 18


New business

  • Gary made a motion that we relocate at Twin City Days, Joyce seconded, motion passed.  Jim and Gary will choose the location. Glenn motioned $40 a booth for up to two booths, Craig seconded, motion passed.

  • Roger reported on an AAW contest for $500 for a student project

  • Terry reported on Blue Fountain Nursing home for birdhouse project handout day on January 6

  • Discussion about Pens for Troops distribution

  • Option of Collinsville woodworking show discussed, enough members agreed to participate to commit

  • Gary requested more items for Library display


Show and Tell

    1. Gail – Norfolk Island Pine Platters, Yellow pine bowl

    2. Jim Atkins – Plum bowl, calabash bowl, Tops

    3. Craig – Bordhouse holder jig

    4. Mike Ruch – Inside out turnings, Osage orange apple, Camphor box, segmented bowls

    5. Gary – Maple Burl bowl with turquoise inlay

    6. Paul K. – Lidded yogurt bowl, baby rattles, goblet

    7. Allan Rich – Segmented bowl

    8. Mike Short – Cherry Awl, Zebra wood and walnut top

    9. Terry – Hard maple natural edge bowl, turkish ash burl bowl, smal burl vessels

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items


President’s Challenge


The challenge this month was a birdhouse Roger and Terry won

  1. Craig – Mahogany and unknown

  2. Keith – Walnut and

  3. Mike Ruch – Red Cedar

  4. Roger – Spalted hackberry

  5. Gib Midget – Cherry

  6. Terry – Spalted Maple

  7. Mike Short – Maple and Walnut


Instant Gallery of President’s Challenge Items



Jim demonstrated turning a baby rattle

Next month’s President’s Challenge is a baby rattle



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