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Turning Day - Fall 2013

Photos from Turning Day!

Fall 2012 Turning Day

Turning day was Oct 26 at Paul's Farm.  This time we had sessions on specific turning topics like sharpening, finishing with CA glue, and buffing.  There was a great turnout of around 30 people.

2012 Spring Turning Day

Spring Turning Day at Paul Krautmann's Farm.  Approximately 30 members and guests showed up.  The huge band saw and 4 lathes were running almost all day.


2011 Spring Turning Day

Our spring turning day at Paul's farm was another great success. Plenty of food, drink and good times. We had tons of wood that was cut up and anybody who wanted to turn had plenty of time. Paul cut up bowl blanks with his chain saw and massive band saw. A number of members roughed out green bowl blanks and used end sealer to keep them from cracking while they dry. Tops, birdhouses, bowls and goblets were also turned. As usual Paul shared his knowledge of wood while he prepared blanks. A great thanks to Paul for the use of his shop and tools.